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The simplest and most intuitive way to get an accelerated depreciation report. Because we have decades of experience building the most granular and robust reports in the industry for properties for all types.

Allows a taxpayer to reduce the book value of an asset faster than they could using the default depreciation method.

Our IRS compliance centers around the IRS audit technique guide for cost segregation. Our reports adhere to the highest quality standards outlined in this document.

Rental Property Refund is an accelerated depreciation service provider. You can reduce your tax liability and increase cash flows by claiming this tax benefit on your residential rental properties. 

The report provided by Rental Property Refund is indeed legal and follows the IRS Audit Techniques Guide for Cost Segregation. Because it will be part of the annual tax return, accelerated depreciation is allowed by law.

Rental Property Refund Reports follow the IRS guidelines for the highest quality reports. We stand by our reports for any IRS audit and we will provide answers to any IRS questions.

No, it’s a one time payment for one rental property

After you register and pay, you’ll have access to the software. Input your property details and submit, you will receive the final report in 2-3 working days

If you need a rental property refund report for more than 10 properties, contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

Affiliate marketing is a process in which affiliates place marketing banners and links on their websites leading to Rental Property Refund’s website. In return, the affiliates receive a performance-based reward for each resulting purchase they’ve contributed in.

Anyone meeting the requirements can become an affiliate and market RPR on their website, blog, app, social media or similar channels. 

Not necessarily, but it’s much easier to make money through a website or blog. If there’s a sufficient stream of visits to a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account – these are also viable options. Referrals to friends and family are also accepted.

There is no cost, it’s free for everyone.

You can make up to 30% per sale. The total you make depends on the number of sales.

When a potential customer clicks the RPR banner or link placed on your website, a cookie is dropped. This allows us to track whether or not a purchase has been achieved via the affiliate’s URL.

A dropped cookie is active for 12 months. As long as a sale is achieved in that period the affiliate will receive their commission. However, this only applies to the most recently dropped cookie. If a customer clicks on another affiliate’s ad after yours and then makes a purchase, the commission will go to them, not you.

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